Increasing On-Demand deployment frequency

Here at xMatters, we pride ourselves on being able to adapt quickly and to provide timely service updates across the cloud. Whether it's an updated voice network, a security alert, or any other time-sensitive context, the xMatters On-Demand service is highly agile and responsive to change. 

We've been providing weekly updates to the On-Demand service for quite a while, but we'd like to be able to deliver updates and address customer issues even faster. Improvements to our internal automated processes mean we can now provide more frequent bug fixes across the entire On-Demand network.

Starting on January 26th, we'll be increasing our release cadence to include an additional point release approximately midway between our regular weekly releases. This point release will include fixes only for those issues that were reported by customers, and will be deployed across all staging environments the day before it is deployed to production instances.

For example, the regular weekly release for the week of January 22 to 28 is 5.5.149, scheduled to be deployed to staging on Monday the 23rd, and to production on the 24th. Following our new cadence, we will release the point release to staging on January 26th, and across all production deployments on Friday morning (PST), January 27th.

To help illustrate the new schedule, here's what we have planned for the next 45 days or so (please note that these dates are provided only as an example of the new schedule - the actual dates of deployment may change).

We will continue to use our existing outbound communication processes so you have a clear understanding of the changes in each deployment, but there will be slight adjustments to the notification process to better implement the new schedule. For example, we currently post the support notes 72 hours before each release is deployed to production environments. To help avoid any potentially confusing overlaps, we'll be posting the support notes as each release and point release is deployed to staging. Roughly 24-hours (or one business day) before the changes will be available in all production environments.

For a complete overview of the xMatters deployment process and how we communicate changes to our customers, please see the On-Demand Deployment Process & Early Access article.

We're excited to be able to offer increased responsiveness and even more of the features you expect from xMatters On-Demand.

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