SMS Notification Error: [351] Invalid destination address value

This article outlines possible causes of the following common SMS notification error that you may encounter in the xMatters log files:

Notification Error; [351] Invalid destination address value

Possible causes of this error include:

  • The phone number belongs to a prepaid user who does not have sufficient funds to receive an SMS message.
  • The end user is not provisioned to receive SMS from all short codes or specific short codes.
    • Note: T-Mobile does not deliver short-code SMS to any of its resellers' numbers.
  • The phone number is deactivated.
  • The destination address does not belong to the mobile operator. This often happens when a user switches carriers, such as from T-Mobile to AT&T, and the systems haven't fully updated yet.

We recommend contacting your carrier to discuss issues about receiving SMS, in general, or specifically from the xMatters short code. 


xMatters internal reference:
DTN-6361 Originally by Daniel Thomas

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