Use the mobile passcode feature to protect your account details

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A new passcode feature will soon be available for the xMatters mobile apps, which will allow organizations to protect sensitive information if an employee's phone is compromised. This feature will require users to enter a passcode to access their xMatters mobile app accounts, after the app has been inactive for a specified time out period.

This feature is available now from Google Play for Android (v.2.3), and will be available in mid-July for iOS (v.3.2).


How to enable the mobile app passcode feature

The mobile app passcode feature can be configured by a company supervisor from the Admin tab in the xMatters web user interface. A new 'Mobile App Passcode' section has been added to the Password Policy screen:


Company supervisors can specify the maximum amount of time (from 1 to 60 minutes) that a user can be inactive before being required to re-enter their passcode. The default value for this setting is ten minutes.

Once the mobile passcode feature has been enabled for a company, users will be asked to set a passcode the next time they use the xMatters mobile app:


If you have more than one account configured on the xMatters mobile app, the most restrictive passcode settings of all of your account is used. For example, if only one of your accounts requires a passcode, you'll be required to enter the passcode to access all of your accounts. Or, if you have multiple accounts with different timeout periods configured (for example, 5 minutes vs. 10 minutes), the most restrictive timeout period will be observed for all accounts

Note: The ability to reset passcodes will be available in a subsequent release of the iOS and Android mobile apps.

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