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This is a cumulative change log for numbered versions and patch releases of xMatters On-Demand, identifying the updates and resolved issues included in each one. 

For more information, or details about a specific bug fix, contact xMatters Client Assistance and quote the reference number associated with the entry.

A note about features...

Between our quarterly releases, only customers participating in the Early Access Program (EAP) will be able to see feature enhancements and additions, and only in their non-production environments. 

The exceptions to this general approach are updates to the mobile apps, xMatters API enhancements, and features on the Admin and Developer tab which will be released into production between quarterly releases.

Customers participating in the EAP, or interested in the mobile app and API updates, can review feature descriptions in the Knight Development Highlights article.


Production release: October 23, 2017
Development Highlights

xMatters Internal Reference No. Summary
UTA-2150 Web user interface (usability fix): Standardized the behavior of the various pop-ups and dialog boxes throughout the web user interface to make sure they close when a user presses ESC.
SCO-9683 Web user interface (cosmetic fix): Addressed some minor styling issues for required fields on the User Profile tab.
RYL-1016 Event report - timeline: Fixed an issue that was preventing users from being able to close some comment tooltips on the event timeline.
RYL-940 Event report - timeline: Updated the timeline to resolve the unusual panning behavior observed n some browsers when attempting to hover the mouse over the zooming bar.
HOTH-6644 Event report - log (cosmetic fix): Updated the Log report to include the correct icons, which were missing in some browsers.
HOTH-6640 Groups - editing a shift (usability fix): Fixed the behavior when editing a shift on the Calendar tab to ensure that the confirmation dialog box closes properly when saving changes to a shift series or occurrence.
Tracking report - permissions: Updated the Tracking report to ensure that users viewing the report on the mobile app would see the same information when viewing it in the web user interface.

Production release: October 19, 2017

xMatters Internal Reference No. Summary
Message builder preview - SMS translations: Updated the preview function for SMS messages to include the response prompts in French (when appropriate).
EPIC data sync - job notifications: Updated the links within the notifications sent for completed data sync jobs to ensure that they direct users straight to their instance.


Production release: October 16, 2017
Development Highlights 

xMatters Internal Reference No. Summary
Outbound integration webhooks (callbacks) - delivery status updates: Fixed an issue where failed delivery status updates did not return device or recipient values.
Email devices - supported domains: Improved the validation for whitelisted email domains to ensure that email devices must match the supported domains exactly.
SCO-9625 Who's On Call report (cosmetic fix): Fixed an issue where the date and time selector were not properly aligned.
xMatters REST API - GET /events: Fixed a case-sensitivity issue with the GET /events call in the xM API that could cause recipients to not be returned.
KAM-3424 xMatters REST API: Fixed a rare issue that could cause POST /groups and DELETE /person to enter a deadlocked state.
HOTH-6638 Integration Directory - configuration screen: Updated the behavior of success and error banner messages to dismiss when the close button (the 'X' in the top right corner) is manually clicked.
HOTH-6241 Web user interface (cosmetic fix): Updated the behavior of some drop-down menus in the web user interface to close automatically when a user clicks away from the menu.
ARCH-6531 Web user interface - group scheduling: Fixed an issue where the delete shift dialog window would remain on the screen when using the browser to navigate back to a previous page in the web user interface.
Response processing: Fixed an issue where SMS responses would not be processed if they contained a single quote in unicode format (typical when copy and pasting from a word processing software or editor).
User Performance Report: Fixed an issue where a deleted user would be included in the report as a 'null' entry.

Production release: October 12, 2017

xMatters Internal Reference No. Summary
Archived events - exporting: Fixed an issue where exporting the Events report for archived events resulted in an 'Incorrect parameter received: null' error.
Tracking report - exporting: Fixed an issue that caused exports from the Tracking report, and sometimes the Event Log, to be truncated and/or fail to export.


Production release: October 5, 2017

xMatters Internal Reference No. Summary
KAM-3416 Who's On Call - contact cards: Updated the error message when attempting to view the contact card for a user you don't have permission to view.
HOTH-6551 Integration Directory (cosmetic fix): Updated the Integration Directory page and the Integration Directory widget in the Communication Center to make sure the integrations were listed in the same order in both places.
HOTH-6491 xMatters Agents page (cosmetic fix): Corrected the spelling/capitalization of the names of some of the operating systems listed on the xMatters Agents page.
EPIC - ZipSync: Fixed an issue with EPIC data synchronization where the sync process would fail when uploading a file containing the name of a device that had been changed via the web user interface since the last sync job.

Production release: September 29, 2017

xMatters Internal Reference No. Summary
Notification delivery: Fixed an internal processing issue that could cause some notifications to not be delivered.
Reports - Event Logs (archives): Fixed an issue where the Log report was not being displayed for some archived events.
Reports - Conference history export: Fixed an issue where the Conference history was not being properly exported to a file from the web user interface. 
Notification delivery - group schedules: Fixed an issue where too many overlapping or exclusive rules in a group's schedule could cause notifications to either not be delivered, or delivered without any content.
Groups - deleted shifts: Fixed an issue where attempting to move a shift occurrence into the space where an occurrence had been previously deleted would result in the removal of both occurrences.


Production release: September 28, 2017
Development Highlights

xMatters Internal Reference No. Summary


Web user interface: Fixed an issue where some functionality within the web user interface (such as searching for recipients) would not respond properly if the logged-in user had special characters in their user name.
SCO-9129 Web user interface - Who's On Call report (cosmetic fix): Updated the styling on the Who's On Call report to improve the spacing between some of the graphical elements - some of which were prone to overlapping with each other in certain situations.
SCO-8166 Web user interface - Add User (cosmetic fix): Adjusted the spacing of some of the components in the Add User dialog box.
Communication plan designer - usability fix: Improved the positioning of the Edit menu when attempting to edit the last communication plan in a list that extends more than one page.
KAM-3327 xMatters REST API - removing supervisors: Fixed an issue where attempting to remove yourself from the list of supervisors for a user would result in an error.
INTA-5297 Integration Directory: Updated the links for the Nagios and Nagios IX integrations in the Integration Directory to make sure they pointed to the right places.
Tracking report - iOS device responses: Fixed an issue where responses from the xMatters mobile app on iOS devices were not being properly updated in the Tracking tab on the Events report, even though the responses were being received and processed properly.


Note: The features and functionality of the Replicant release of xMatters On-Demand (version 5.5.180) will be toggled 'on' in non-production environments on Tuesday, October 10 at 10:00 am Pacific. Our non-feature updates and fixes will continue to be released according to our normal delivery process, meaning that they will be deployed before the Replicant release is available in production environments on Tuesday, October 24 at 10:00 am Pacific.

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