xMatters for iOS: issues with iOS 11

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We've come across a couple of minor but persistent issues that can occur when using the xMatters for iOS mobile app on devices that have been updated to use iOS 11. Both of these issues are related to situations where the xMatters app is running in the background.

Repeat alerts not working

Users should be able to configure the xMatters app to play repeating alerts if a push notification arrives, and they don't answer it right away. However, some mobile app users have reported that if the app is running in the background and they don't respond to a push notification, they don't get the repeating alert.  

With iOS 11, we've noticed that it's possible for repeating alerts to stop firing up to 50% of the time. We found that the root cause of this issue is related to the way that iOS 11 allocates background processing time. There's no guarantee that the app will get the processing time it needs, and there's no accessible way for us to sort out the throttling heuristic that Apple uses to determine the allocation.

We're currently investigating this issue and looking into possible solutions.

Badge updates not appearing

Similar to the issue described above, some users have reported that the badge count displayed on the app is not being updated correctly if a notification arrives while the app is running in the background. 

We believe this is also related to the allocation of background processing time, and we're currently investigating possible solutions.

Notifications not showing up

Several users have reported that when a message comes in, the app will chirp and display the push notification (the banner) only briefly. On other iOS versions, the push notification would remain visible and "tappable".

The fix for this is to open the iOS Notifications settings, and set the notifications for the xMatters app to "Persistent". (See the discussion in the comments below for more.)

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xMatters internal reference:

APO-13393, BUG-11050 

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    David Wilcher

    We've also noticed several of our users open internal tickets for their xMatters app on iOS 11 not "fully" notifying them (i.e. it notifies with a "chirp" of an audio alert and the banner disappears from the lock screen).  The fix is to manually set the notifications for xMatters to Persistent in the iOS notification center.  It would be good if you guys updated your "Setting up xMatters iOS" documentation and videos to reflect this.

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    Mandeep Jassal

    Thanks to Don for updating the article!

    David, just to clarify my previous response, the xMatters mobile app does not require notifications to be set to "Persistent"; it will work with the default "Temporary" setting. 

    It sounds like there is a technical issue with how the notifications are behaving for some of your users.  If this continues for your users, I recommend opening a support ticket to help troubleshoot the issue.  However, as you commented, setting it to "Persistent" seems to workaround the issue.


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    David Wilcher

    Hi Mandeep,

    You are correct, for the users with this issue it is due to iOS 11 and not having the xMatters app set to Persistent notifications.

    What I am suggesting is that xMatters update this page, their iOS xMatters setup videos, and their iOS documentation to have a note about the importance of setting Persistent notification on Apple devices running iOS11 or later.

    We are finding that many of our less technically savy users (or users who are new to iOS) are not aware of this setting and then think the xMatters application is not working correctly.

    As most of our users are directed to watch the xMatters video tutorials, it would be nice if the iOS xMatters video tutorials made note of the Persistent notification setting in iOS 11. :)

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    Don Clark

    Hi David


    I've added your tip to the article, and I'll pass it along to our video creation team. They'll evaluate it for the next iteration of the mobile app install videos.

    I'll also dig around and see if I can find anywhere else it needs to go.


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    Mandeep Jassal

    Hi David!  For the audio alert, if the default sound is insufficient, you can select a custom sound to be used.  Go to your Accounts screen (tap on the "More..." button, and select the gear icon next to Edit Settings.  Tap on Notification Settings where you can define a custom sound.

    As for the notification disappearing on the lock screen, I'm quite sure you don't have set it to "Persistent" setting in the iOS Notifications settings. Does this happen after a long period of time, or as soon as the notification comes in?  If user unlocks the phone, is the xMatters notification still visible and tappable?  I did a quick test for this and for me, the notification was visible after a couple of mins. This may require opening a support ticket to further investigate.

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