How to purge the Integration Agent queue


A delay is observed between notification requests being sent to the Integration Agent and delivery of notifications from xMatters.    

A secondary symptom is a backlog of notification requests in the Integration Agent's Inbound queues.  The "iadmin get-status" command reports a significant number of requests under the integration service's "Normal Priority inbound APXML queue" and/or the "High Priority inbound APXML queue" headings, and these numbers do not decrease substantially when the command is repeated.  New notification requests will not reach xMatters until this backlog has been cleared.


To resolve this problem:

  1. Increase the number of messages logged by the IA's queue manager and by the integration scripts, so that the cause of the delay can be identified:
    1. In <IAHome>/conf/log4j.xml, un-comment the "com.alarmpoint.integrationagent.jms" logger and ensure it is set to "DEBUG".
    2. Ensure that the "" logger is un-commented and set to "DEBUG".
    3. In the "txtAppender" section, ensure that the "maxBackupIndex" value is"10" and the "MaxFileSize" value is "10000KB".
    4. Save the file.
  2. Purge the Integration Agent queue, to allow new notifiation requests to be processed without delay:
    1. Stop the Integration Agent (<IAHOME>\bin\shutdown)
    2. Delete the .mule and .activemq-data folders from <IAHome>
    3. Start the Integration Agent.
    4. Inspect the messages in the IA log file (<IAHome>\log\IntegrationAgent.txt) to verify that new notification requests are processed by the IA without timeouts or other errors.  Use the xMatters UI that xMatters events are created without undue delay.
    5. Use the "iadmin get-status" command to monitor the queue sizes.
  3. If delays are observed or queue sizes increase and do not drop again, use the support-zip tool to create an archive:
    1. Open a command prompt or terminal window
    2. cd to <IAHome>/tools
    3. Type or paste the command "support-zip".  The tool will tell you the name and location of the archive that it creates.
    4. Open a support ticket at and attach the support-zip archive.


xMatters internal reference: DOC-7955

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