xMatters Client Usage Portal Now Available - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

xMatters is excited to announce that the xMatters Client Usage Portal is now available. See below for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding the new portal.


What is the new xMatters Client Usage Portal?

This portal provides messaging usage information to clients and currently includes phone, conference calling, third-party conferencing & SMS message usage details.

This portal provides xMatters clients with detailed information on the messages being sent from their xMatters services. Clients can view only their own data, which can also be downloaded as a CSV file. You can then analyze this data to optimize your xMatters service usage.

How do I gain access to the xMatters Client Usage Portal?

To get started, contact your Customer Support, who will validate that you are authorized (xMatters users with ‘Company Supervisor’ role or equivalent) to access the portal. After validation, you'll be provided with login credentials so that you can review your organization’s specific usage data.  You may also create a support request.

What exactly does messaging usage mean?

This portal provides messaging usage information to clients and currently includes phone, conference calling, third-party conferencing & SMS message usage details.

What information can I access from the xMatters Client Usage Portal? What can I see and do in the portal?

The portal provides all the details on your messaging usage. You can filter by date and by billing ID (that is, by deployment if you have multiple environments). You can also search within all of the data if you are looking for a specific data point. Finally, you can download all data as a CSV file for further review and analysis. Here’s a screenshot of the portal’s Usage Summary page:


Customers can see the following detailed information regarding their messaging usage(the entries below represent the column names shown above):

Billing Identifier references which of your xMatters environments generated the message 
Call Direction outbound if sent from xMatters; inbound if it’s a response back to xMatters
Originating and Terminating ID numbers that originated the message and received the message
Destination country destination of the message • Start Date/Time: date and time that the message was sent, reported in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
Duration/Quantity Actual

actual quantity of message sent (for example, number of minutes if was a phone call; number of segments if it was an SMS message)

Quantity Billable if applicable, actual quantity that is billable per your messaging agreement
UDR Class type of message (SMS, phone call, and so on)
Charges if applicable, actual charge related to message
 Rate if applicable, actual rate of message

Note: Due to the large amount of data that the portal provides, detail records that are viewable via the portal window are limited. To access all usage data records for a given period, download all data in CSV format.

What do I do once I have my login credentials to the xMatters Client Usage Portal?

To access your usage data via the portal:

1. Navigate to the portal and enter your login credentials:


2. Once you’re logged in, select Usage under the Account:


3. Click the Billing Identifier drop-down list and select the xMatters instance you want to view:


4. Use the Date Range settings to specify the days for which you want to search for usage data, and then click Refresh.


5. Review your usage results and if desired click Download to save data in CSV file format.

Will I be charged based on my messaging use?

The answer depends on your agreement with xMatters. Some xMatters clients have hosted service agreements where messaging charges may apply. Per the agreement, these charges would be billed monthly in arrears unless otherwise detailed (refer to http://www.xmatters.com/policy/message-rates/ for current standard pricing).

For some other customers, messaging charges apply only when messaging maximums are exceeded (refer to http://www.xmatters.com/policy/message-rates/ for current standard pricing).

Still other clients may have unique contractual terms for message rates. Review your agreement to determine the specific details related to your account. All clients will be receiving invoices clearly detailing the messaging usage for any charges that may apply.

I have been a customer for years and I thought messaging was included in my service – why am I now being charged?

If you have any questions on your usage and any subsequent charges, please contact the xMatters Finance team at orders@xmatters.com. They will review your current agreement with you to answer all of your questions.

What if I have more questions?

If you have any more questions about the new usage portal, please reach out to xMatters Customer Support – they’ll be happy to assist you with more information.


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