User Upload Format v1.2 (3/31/2013)

Good News and Bad News

The good news: with 5.0.9 and our July on demand release our User Upload format is changing to support awesome new features like Import and Export, user specific roles, and more device support. Most importantly, clients will no longer have to upload a file for each Role they want to load.

The slightly bad news: v1.1 files will no longer be supported by our upload process for new records.

The helpful news: it is very easy to take your existing v1.1 file and convert it to a v1.2 file.

More details are available in our 5.0 and on demand manuals, but here is a quick overview of the changes to the file format, and the UI.

The UI change is very minimal. Now that our file format allows you to set a role (or list of roles) per user you no longer need to declare the role for all users as part of the job. So the Add an Import Job screen went from:

Old User Upload Screen.png


To simply:

And the shortest path to updating your file is to add a new column for Role into your spreadsheet after the User Supervisor column and before the device columns. In that column you can put a pipe-separated ("|") list of valid role names for each user. So to match your v1.1 format, paste in whatever you have been using in the UI, such as "Standard User". Here is the sample template updated to have the new column (highlighted in blue):

Updated File Format.png

The other change is the header must to be updated to show the newer version of "Data Import File Format Version: 1.2":

Updated File Format Column and Header.png

That is all it takes to manually update the file. If you are automatically generating this with some sort of cool ETL tool, SQL script or other solution make sure you update your logic to perform these changes. And while that is the bare minimum of changes required to support the new format, feel free to explore the other new fields in the file format - our 5.0 and on demand documentation show all of the optional and mandatory fields.

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