Making conference calls more effective, one call at a time (1/24/2014)

Pulling together a group of people to collaborate on IT problems, handle a business impacting event, or any other purpose can be a trying exercise.  Conference calls are the primary method that a lot of xMatters' clients use to bring remote people together.  I think we've all been on calls that have some or all of the foibles of the conference call that this hilarious Tripp & Tyler video highlights.

There's a lot that our products do to help take away some of these pains.  Whether it's knowing who should be on a call to begin with with our group, scheduling & escalation rules, or showing the call leader who is on and when they get dropped, or allowing the leader to mute the person with the barking dog.  And if you're like me and can't remember more than 4 digits at a time, xMatters will call you and give you a single touch option to plug you right into the call.  No passcode memorization required. 

Take look at the xMatters conferencing capabilities in action below, and if you like to learn about how Comcast uses it every day, they talk about it in their case study as well as a presentation at our user conference.

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