Browser Battle 2014

We had an interesting conversation in our forums that I thought should bubble up to the blog level so other people see it. The conversation started with our Internet Explorer support which is listed as IE8 and IE9. I thought it would be interesting for everybody to see browser statistics to our cloud environment. Here is a summary of the conversation, starting with a statement of our IE support:


We will support any issue you find with IE10 and IE11 in the runtime (not our design tools). However our automated tests are focused on IE8 and IE9 due to the outrageous marketshare they still own. So our language probably needs to be that we "certify IE8 and IE9, and support IE10 and IE11".


The challenge we as a software and cloud provider face is that we continuously receive requests from our client's procurement organization stating xMatters will support the current browser version minus one (i.e. Internet Explorer 10 and 11). We would love to do that, because IE10 is actually starting to look like a real browser (for comparative scores check out HTML 5 test), but most of the corporations out there aren't ready to do that (will somebody please tell their procurement departments?) To give you an idea of actual traffic from IE browsers against xMatters for the last month:



So our traffic is basically 85% IE8 and IE9. If we listened to our client's procurement organization we would support a mere 11% of the IE traffic. Yikes!

 While we are on the topic, here is the breakdown of traffic at the top level by browser

So IE is still the king!

Hopefully that helps give some perspective into why we support what we do.

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