Sundowning Group Supervisor Messages

xMatters exists to provide targeted, actionable and relevant communications. That means eliminating alert fatigue for our customers is a key goal for our Product Management and Engineering teams.


With that in mind, we're retiring a little-used feature that's recently been getting in the way of that goal. The group supervisor message feature adds a one-way, FYI style message to a group supervisor's Inbox every time the groups they supervise are notified:

This causes a couple of problems. First, these messages don't target group supervisors by any communication channel, which means that no push message, SMS, phone call or emails are sent to the supervisor. Translation: unless the group supervisor proactively checks their inbox, these messages are easily missed.


Secondly, if a supervisor is also a member of a shift in their group, they'll see duplicate messages for the same event in their Inbox, which can cause confusion (AKA alert fatigue).


This functionality doesn't serve any valuable purpose and as we've received feedback about losing real messages in crowded inboxes, it's time to retire the feature. Let's spell that out...

Group Supervisor messages will be permanently retired in the xMatters On-Demand 5.5.68 release
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