It's not us, it's YOU, Internet Explorer 8!

Dear Internet Explorer 8,

We wish we could say we hardly knew you... but you've been hanging around since March 2006. You were decent enough 9 years ago, but things have changed between us - and our friends in the browser community agree.

Yeah, we know that you still account for 12% of our traffic at xMatters - but you're holding up our innovation with your abysmal HTML5 support and your bug-laden user experience. We just can't let you continue to disappoint our customers so we're going to join the IE8 breakup bandwagon. We're so over you.

We'll take solace in our alignment with Google (which has already broken up with IE9), Salesforce, and other prominent cloud providers by announcing our de-support for you.

xMatters will no longer support Internet Explorer 8 as of January 12, 2016.

So there.

While we'll sort of (not really!) mourn your loss, we'll take some comfort from the fresher relationship we're building with your much more competent descendant, IE11 (which scores 10x better on HTML5 tests).

It was fun (not really!) while it lasted, but it's long since time to move on and to allow our developers to focus on innovation instead of workarounds. It's also going to encourage our customers to provide their users with a reasonable work platform free of your idiosyncrasies.

Sorry (not really!),


PS   We also told our customers about you here: Service Notice - Internet Explorer 8 End of Support



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