Visual indication that you're in a non-production environment

When you have multiple instances of xMatters, it's important to know which environment you're logged into.

Because it should be harder to make a mistake

Let's say you want to test a message in your non-production environment before officially sending it out. And, you'd also like to add a new shift to a group's on-call schedule in your production environment.

If you're not sure which environment you're logged into, you might accidentally send your test message to all your users in production, or have nobody on call for the new shift because you made the changes in your non-production environment!

We're gonna make this real easy

To make it simple for you to distinguish between your xMatters prod/non-prod environments, we're adding a fixed banner to the top of every screen in non-production environments, and it will be visible even when you scroll down the page (click the screenshot to enlarge):


NOTE: You've told us that you'd love to have this feature ASAP. That works for us: because this feature is available only in non-production environments, we'll be releasing this feature outside of our normal quarterly release cycle. Look for this confidence-inspiring update in your non-production environments starting July 5, 2016.

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