New user profile cheat sheet

Availability: See the new user profile now on early-access systems, and on all systems as part of the Wolverine release.

We’ve revamped the user profile to make it easier to view and manage your personal information. The new user profile allows you to see when you are on call, manage your devices and subscriptions, and change your personal details. The user profile also allows you to quickly see which groups you belong to and change your phone and web passwords.

Users with advanced permissions can access the profile of other users and use it to manage the other user's personal details and configure their supervisors.

For a more in-depth overview of the new user profile, as well as an overview of other Wolverine features, see the Wolverine Release Overview.

User profile tabbed view

The content of the user profile is split in to multiple tabs. Depending on your permissions, you'll see some or all of these tabs when you view your profile.

Profile overview

Refer to the image below for a quick tour of the basic layout of the profile and a few pointers about the Schedule tab. For more in-depth information about the user profile and the other tabs on it, see the Wolverine Release Overview or the online help.


The new profile menu contains links to tabs of your profile and allows you to log out.

The new user profile menu. Click your user name to see this menu.

The Schedule, Devices, and Profile menu items take you directly to the corresponding area of your profile. 

The Log Out link logs you out of xMatters. This button has moved from the main navigation bar.


The schedule tab shows when you are next on call and allows you to access your temporary replacements.

A summary of your current shift or when you are next on call. 
Your upcoming replacements. Click this link to view your upcoming temporary replacements. Click Add Replacement (hidden under the menu in this image) to add a new temporary replacement.
A filter that allows you to display the schedule for all shifts, shifts where you are the primary responder, or shifts where you are the primary or secondary responder.


The sidebar is displayed on each tab of the user profile. It shows whether the user is active and when they last logged in to xMatters. It also provides links to the groups they belong to and their web and phone passwords.

Displays a list of the groups you belong to. Click through to view a list of these groups. If you have permission, you can click a group name to navigate directly to its configuration page.
A link that allows you to change your web and phone passwords.
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