Task Force X Release Timing

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We're putting the final touches on the Task Force X (TFX) quarterly release and making the necessary preparations for its release to non-production and production environments.

Updates to the release schedule

A frequent request from our customers is to provide more time between when we toggle on the release features in customer non-prod environments and when we toggle them on in their prod environments.

To support this request, we're doubling our normal one-week timeframe between non-prod/prod releases to two weeks. To support the additional request to have the release earlier in the week, we're also moving the release to production environments from Thursday to Tuesday.

TFX release timing

Based on these updates, the timing of the TFX quarterly release is as follows:

  • Task Force X Release Webinar: Thursday Sept. 1
  • Non-production environment access: Thursday Sept. 1 (10am Pacific)
  • Production environment access: Tuesday Sept. 20 (10-10:30am Pacific)

For a sneak-peek of what's coming up in the release, be sure to follow the Task Force X Development Highlights.

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