xMatters On-Demand status information

At xMatters, we understand the impact a service disruption can have on your business. So we set out to streamline our incident processes to provide you with quicker and more timely information, and a centralized location for service status and incident history. 

The xMatters On-Demand status page is is designed to give our clients better visibility on what is happening during an incident, and immediate information on how each step in the process may be affecting specific On-Demand services.

At status.xmatters.com, you can:

  • See the current operational status of all xMatters data centers around the world.
  • Review a list of past service-impacting incidents to check the status of recently reported outages and maintenance notices, and click through to see incident details.
  • Subscribe to email notifications for specific incidents to be automatically notified as updates are posted.

If there is a problem that impacts services, the status page indicates which component is affected. To see a handy description of the possible symptoms you might experience, just hover your mouse over the component:


Subscribe to updates

By subscribing to the xMatters status page, you can be sure that you’ll be immediately notified whenever an incident or service notice affects you. Thanks to some recent updates, you can choose to subscribe to specific regions or components, or even make sure you get notified for all updates to a specific incident.

To manage your subscriptions, click the Subscribe to Updates button at the top of the xMatters status page, and enter your email address: 


The status page will then send you an email that includes a link to where you can manage your subscriptions. Click the link, and you'll see a list of all the components you can subscribe to - or not. 

You can also hover over the name of a region to quickly select or clear all of the check boxes for that region:


While we'll still notify you through existing channels when an incident starts and ends, now you can receive email notices for all updates for an individual event by clicking its Subscribe link:

The status page also allows our Client Assistance department to quickly generate and send notices to affected clients, and reduces the time it takes to post operational updates by centralizing them all in one location. Because all this information is now in one place, we will no longer need to post updates to the On-Demand Service Updates pages.

So whether you want to check the current status of the xMatters On-Demand service, or you’re just curious about an incident you experienced earlier, you can find everything you need in one convenient spot at status.xmatters.com.


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  • Heads up, status pagers: I just added some information about the new subscription options available on the On-Demand status page