xMatters for BlackBerry 10 v1.5

xMatters is pleased to announce the v1.5 release of xMatters for BlackBerry 10.

The release contains a large number of features to support Blackberry users in communication processes including:

  • Single Sign On for our customers using a SAML platform.
  • Message recipients can add free-form comments when responding to messages.
  • Custom sounds for new message notification.
  • Message senders can add multiple images to their incident reports.


SAML support for SSO customers


The latest release of xMatters for BlackBerry 10 completes our quest to bring Single Sign On (SSO) with SAML support to all our mobile users. Integrating xMatters with SAML provides your users with a single sign-on experience so they won't have to remember yet another password.

We recently added SAML support to xMatters for iOS and xMatters for Android and now the xMatters for BlackBerry 10 app can also authenticate with your SSO Identity Provider (IdP). Of course, clients that are not using SSO can continue to login using native xMatters credentials.

We support any IdP that complies with the SAML 2.0 spec and have certified our solution using ADFS, Ping Federate, Centrify, OneLogin & Okta.

We received feedback from our clients that the Company field on the old login page was confusing. With the capability to assign a client-specific URL, we no longer need it, so out it goes!

Now you just enter the same URL you would use to access the web user interface. For example, if you log in to the xMatters On-Demand web application using acme.na1.xmatters.com as your host, you would enter that for your host in the mobile application.

For customers that do not use SSO, we prompt for the user name and password with our revised login screen. For clients using SSO & SAML, we present the authentication page from your IdP.

Note: The SSO with SAML feature requires xMatters On-Demand 5.5.57.

Add comments to message responses

Have you ever asked if someone needed assistance and then had to follow up with a second question to find out what they need?

Some situations call for more than a one-word answer and this new feature allows message recipients to add an optional comment when submitting a response. We already support this feature for email responses, and we now offer similar functionality in xMatters for BlackBerry 10.

These comments provide additional situational awareness to command centers using our xMatters Communication Center, tracking report & event logs.


What's even better is that these comments or annotations are included in the callbacks from our REST API so whether you are monitoring your major incidents using the new Communication Center or integrating xMatters On-Demand with a third-party product, you can be sure all the information that matters most will be delivered to the people that need it, when they need it.

Note: The "add comments to responses" feature requires xMatters On-Demand 5.5.58

Custom sounds for push notifications

This new release brings a much requested feature to xMatters for BlackBerry 10: have you ever been on the other side of the office when an urgent notification is sent to your mobile device and missed it?

How about outside in a noisy environment? Walking past traffic, roadworks or a construction site?

xMatters for BlackBerry 10 now allows you to select a high-impact, custom sound alert to play when your device is targeted for notifications. We've also included a priority filter so you can use our custom sounds for high-priority messages, and continue to use your device defaults for less critical incidents.

We've also created a notification screen to add a visual element to your incoming messages. You can enable the notification screen independently of the custom sounds, so if you want something that's going to catch your eye without the added punch of the high impact alerts we have you covered.

Attach multiple images to messages

We've offered the ability to add images to your outbound messages for a while, but until now we were limited to one image per message from the Blackberry. In xMatters for BlackBerry 10 v1.5 we've removed that limitation and you are now able to add up to 10 images.

About xMatters for BlackBerry 10

xMatters for BlackBerry 10 is a free download from the BlackBerry World store that can be used by xMatters on demand clients with a current subscription to one of our advanced services. The new application allows customers to initiate messages, create incidents reports, search company contacts and provision conference bridges directly all from their BlackBerry 10 device.

Combining the relevance engine builder with xMatters for BlackBerry 10 will turn every on demand client into mobile application developers. Clients can use our drag-and-drop relevance engine designer to create robust notification applications that can be accessed immediately on our BlackBerry 10 app. And, here's the best part: no scripting, no coding - no stress.

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