Following Sections, Articles, and Discussions on the Community

Interested in following discussions, articles, or even whole sections of content on the new xMatters community? It's easy to get email alerts when new questions are posted on the forum, are when articles are added or commented on. Email alerts are a great way to stay involved and help to create a fun, active community.

FOLLOW is your friend

Wherever you see the Follow button on the community, you can simply click it to follow the related content. The steps below are for following the Product Updates section, but the steps are basically the same for sections and articles: 

1.  Go to 

2.  Click Follow, and then select New Articles and Comments.


That's it - you're done. Now just keep an eye out for emails with questions posted by community members and jump in if you want to participate.

A few best practices

A few best practices can make life easier for both the producers and consumers of content on this site. If you ignore them, you risk missing important updates, or having a devastated inbox.

Three levels of navigation

We've organized the support site to have three main levels of navigation. Your email alerts depend on the navigation level of what you follow:

  • Category: You cannot follow categories. It would probably destroy your inbox if you could.
  • Section: You can follow "New Articles" or "New Articles and Comments" in a section.
  • Article: You can follow a specific article. Any new comments on that article will trigger an email alert.

To illustrate, let's look at examples from the Products & Documentation category.

  • Products & Documentation: This is the category. You are unable to follow this level.
  • xMatters Resources: This is the section. You can follow either:
    • New articles: If anyone posts new articles in the section, you'll get an email alert.
    • New articles and comments: If anyone posts a new article or comments on any article anywhere in the section, you'll get an email alert.
  • xMatters and SMS Best Practices - This is the article. You can follow the article and receive email alerts as people comment on it. This is a good option if you want alerts relating to only one article, but not every comment in an entire section. Note that you won't get an alert when the article is updated, only when someone comments on it. 

An important tip for article creators

If you contribute articles, remember that edits to already-published articles do not create email alerts.

Please develop the habit of adding a comment after you've edited an article. This will send an alert to the article's followers.

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