xMatters for iOS v2.8

xMatters is proud to announce the v2.8 release of xMatters for iOS.


This latest release contains several great new features that will help our xMatters On-Demand customers to manage their communication processes on the move.


You can grab the latest update from the App Store on your iOS device, or by clicking here.


Enhanced Navigation

The capabilities of our mobile apps keep expanding and it was apparent to us that our old navigation was due for a facelift.

We think this new nav bar will make it much easier to access different parts of the app, and we hope you do, too. So goodbye Blinky, it's been emotional.

View All Messages

Our goal at xMatters is to deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right people on the right device.


Perhaps you received a notification that a particular server just went down - wait a minute, isn't that the same server that went down yesterday? What about that refrigerator that is currently overheating? Didn't that same appliance nearly cook your sushi just last weekend?


Our app has always been focused on highlighting the messages that need immediate attention, but customers have told us that retaining access to older messages can also be really useful.


With these situations and requirements in mind, we've added a new toggle to the inbox. You can focus on the events that are active and require immediate attention, but tap one button and you will have mobile access to all your previous messages.



Note: The View All Messages feature requires xMatters On-Demand 5.5.60


Retain Device Escalation Rules 

One more thing: we've received feedback that losing your device escalation rules after each logout is a bit of a headache. To address that, we will now set your device to inactive after logging out instead of deleting the device. When you log back in, we will reactivate the device and you will retain any escalation rules you may have previously entered.

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