xMatters for Android v1.6.1

xMatters for Android v1.6.1 is now available to download from Google Play. This new release brings several enhancements requested by our customers with Android mobile devices.

Dismiss Message Response

Not all emergency communications require custom responses but you have told us that you do require a way to clear messages from your active message inbox.

The dismiss response option does just that and will be presented whenever no user-defined responses have been created using the xMatters design tools. Dismissed messages will still show up in your 'All' messages inbox, leaving your 'Active' messages uncluttered and focussed on the events that require your immediate attention.

This feature has been available on the iOS and web inboxes (inboxii?) for some time, and we've now updated the Android inbox behaviour to match.

Device Registration

We're seeing fantastic adoption of our mobile apps across our customer base and hearing more and more that many customers rely on xMatters push notifications as their preferred communication channel.

In an effort to make sure that no notification goes unheard, we're making a change to the way Android devices register themselves for notifications. Android devices will now be added to the top of your personal device escalation order by default, which means that unless you tell us otherwise, you'll receive a push message immediately whenever you are targeted for notifications.

Message and Event Timestamps

This is a small change but something that we did to provide a consistent experience when using the xMatters for Android app.

List views like the Inbox and Events Report will display relative timestamps.

Detailed Views like the Message Details and Tracking Report will display absolute timestamps.

What's a Relevance Engine?

We're so sick of answering that question that we've renamed them to represent what they actually are. Say hello to your mobile Communication Plans!


About xMatters for Android

xMatters for Android is a free download from the Google Play store that can be used by xMatters On-Demand clients with a current subscription to one of our advanced services.

Combining the communication plan designer with xMatters for Android will turn every On-Demand client into mobile application developers. Clients can use our drag-and-drop designer to create robust notification applications that can be accessed immediately on our app. And, here's the best part: no scripting, no coding - no stress.

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