xMatters for Android: Improved notification experience and interactive message content

The release of xMatters Android app version 1.9.7 brings mobile users an improved notification experience and more interactive message content, with 'tapable' phone numbers and URLs.

Improved notification experience

Many of our customers gave us feedback that full-screen notifications were too intrusive, especially when receiving multiple messages. We have now removed full-screen notifications and will only use standard push notifications.

Interactive message content

It's common practice to include phone numbers in message content to dial into conference bridges; however, some conferences bridges require the use of pauses and/or waits to navigate through menu options or include conference bridge numbers.

In this release, if your messages include phone numbers with pauses or waits, you can tap on them to have your mobile automatically dial the number.

You can also tap web addresses or URLs that are embedded in message content to have the website open in your mobile's web browser.

All of these enhancements and usability improvements are included in the latest version of the xMatters for Android app, available now in the Google Play store.


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