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It's a rare day that the scheduling gods smile on xMatters and allow us to release a killer feature on two platforms at the same time, but today we've done just that.

xMatters for iOS 2.11 & xMatters for Android 1.9 are both available now, in the App Store and Google Play respectively, and bring the full release of the My Schedule feature to our mobile users.

My Schedule allows members of xMatters groups to see at a glance their current on-call status, as well as their upcoming on-call schedule. It answers the questions that we get asked over and over again:

  • Am I on-call?
  • How long am I on-call for?
  • When am I next on-call?
  • Which groups am I on-call for?

My Schedule can work in two main modes, it can show you all scheduled shifts regardless of where you might be in the escalation order, or you can filter the content and display only shifts where you are primary on-call, or only shifts where you are either primary or secondary on-call.

In the examples above, you can see that I am a member of two shifts that are on-call right now: the Daytime shift in the Operations group, and the Daytime shift in the Support Group.

Let's have a look at the actual escalation rules in place for these two shifts.

In the Operations group, I am currently the 3rd on-call in the shift. 

In the Support group, I am the primary on-call member of the shift.

If I want to limit the content of My Schedule to only show me the active and upcoming shifts where I am primary on-call I can apply that filter.

My Schedule also supports filtering the content to only show shifts where you are primary or secondary on-call. This will allow group members to only see the shifts that matter to them and plan their activities accordingly.

My Schedule is also a stepping stone to another much requested feature, which is to provide notifications to group members when their on-call status changes. Look for that feature to come your way in early 2016.

We hope you enjoy this new feature; please use the comments to provide any feedback you have.

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