JIRA Server plugin integration

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Check out our built-in integration

You can now install a built-in Jira Server integration right from within xMatters, using the Workflow Templates directory (Workflows tab > Workflow Templates). Built-in integrations simplify the integration process. They're pre-configured for your xMatters: you don't need to download and import the communication plan, or follow the configuration steps described below.

You can find instructions on installing the built-in integration in our online integration guide.



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  • A heads up for any Jira Server integration users out there: I added this note to the supported versions section above.

    A client has reported an issue with Jira Server version 7.8 (version 7.7 does not seem to be affected). We're working on a change, but until we can release the fix, this integration does not work on Jira Server 7.8.

    I'll comment again as soon as we get it fixed.


  • Updated to clarify the instructions on configuring the inbound integrations.

  • When I download the communication plan and try to install it, I get a communication plan for JIRA Service Desk.  We're looking to build an integration with plain JIRA.  Does that exist?  If not, we can hack around it.

  • Hi Christopher

    I might be going out on a bit of a limb here, but I'm pretty sure that the "JIRA Service Desk" name of the resulting plan is just a naming error. (There may have been some indecision on Atlassian's part when it came to naming their products that coincided with the development of the original plan.) The communication plan should work just fine for plain Jira.

    We also have a built-in integration available from within the Integration Directory in xMatters (look for Jira Cloud) that might suit your purposes better, though. Once it's set up, you can convert it to a communication plan for more hacking, too.


  • Nice Travis!

    This is very cool.  May have to try it out. 

    Do you know if there is a way to make this work with Jira Filters and subscriptions.  Right now you can create a Jira filter and have it send you an email every <x time>.  Would love to see it fire off something to xMatters instead.  

    Use case:

    If my filter spots a new high priority Jira thats still in the Open state (no one's taken care of it yet) then fire off an xMatters alert so the team can address it!




  • Hmm, I'm guessing you mean these? It doesn't look like Jira provides a webhook and instead only allows for email. However, you could set up an Inbound Email integration that would then send those along to you or your group. 

    The email format might be a little funky, but it should work. 

  • As promised, commenting to confirm that the integration does work with Jira Server 7.8.

  • Updated the attached communication plan to support Jira Server versions up to 7.12.2.