Introducing xMatters Labs

We love our integrations here at xMatters. We've been developing and implementing them for many years and for hundreds of different systems. Between our packaged integrations, the advent of the Integration Directory and built-in integrations, and the Integrations Q & A forum, we're up to our eyeballs in cool toys and resources for developers and integrators to play with.

But even that isn't enough for some people - including lots of xMatters clients and employees! We wanted a place for the truly experimental, unique, or just plain weird implementations, too. We also felt it was important to make sure that anyone who wanted to help build out our library of neat stuff had a chance to get involved and share their efforts.

And so we proudly present xMatters Labs - a GitHub repository that is home to the most cutting-edge integrations on offer. 

At the xMatters Labs, you can test drive integrations that are still in development, pick up interesting code samples to try in your own systems, or check out enhancements to existing integrations that can help optimize and extend your implementation. You can even submit your own integrations and enhancements to the general acclaim or wild applause of your fellow integrators.

So sign up for a GitHub account if you don't already have one, and come see what we're building at the xMatters Labs.



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