Viewing on-call schedules in xMatters Mobile Apps

Who doesn't love being on-call? Probably the only thing better than being on-call, is being able to quickly see all the days when you're (not) on-call. 

What if your xMatters mobile app (iOS and Android) could show your monthly on-call days? In the upcoming My Schedule view, you can use the toggle on the upper-left corner to switch to a calendar layout.  If you see a green dot under the date, it means you're on-call at some point during that day.


The calendar holds up to 90 days of on-call schedule. Tap on any day to see your on-call shifts. When you scroll the list of shifts, the monthly calendar collapses to give more screen space to your daily list. 


The shift rotation filter lets you choose which on-call shifts to display. You can view the shifts where you are the primary on-call, primary and secondary, or all shifts.


You're probably eager to see all your on-call days at once, and want to know when you can get your hands on this fantastic new feature. Here are the upcoming release dates and OS versions:

  • iOS version 3.13 - September 2018 release.
  • Android version - H1 2019 (date to be confirmed)


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