Maintenance notice: email routing changes for NA and APAC

As part of our hosting service improvements, we’re making some upgrades to our email service that will include some changes to the service providers that help deliver our email notifications.

When we performed the service improvements for customers in our European regions, the feedback they provided was that we should provide an advance opportunity for customers to make any necessary configuration changes to ensure emails keep flowing. We've taken this feedback to heart, and are updating the email configurations before we implement the rest of the hosting service improvements.

On September 25, 2018, we'll be implementing the new email routing configurations for all xMatters customers in the Asia-Pacific and North America regions.

Most of our customers won't need to update anything, and shouldn't experience any adverse effects.

However, if you are using IP-based filtering for your email server, or if your email filters place strict limits on, for example, the length of an eligible 'bounce-back' address, you will need to consider those settings and procedures prior to this maintenance.

The xMatters Customer Support and Operations teams will be pro-actively monitoring the situation as we roll out these changes, and will reach out to affected customers as necessary.

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  • Don, can you confirm nothing with the actual email domain/address is changing? Currently, emails are sent by Want to make sure we communicate to our users to update their personal outlook rules if so.

  • Hi Clayton. The email domain and address we're using won't change, so any domain-based filters will not be affected.