New notification workflow and options for Android 8 users

The latest version (v2.13) of our xMatters Android app offers exciting new options for customizing the way you're notified about xMatters events. There are now separate notification channels for each priority of xMatters event - high, medium, and low - which means that you can configure different notification options (including custom sounds) for different categories of xMatters alerts.

Note: These updates apply to Android 8 and later. If you're running an earlier version of Android, your notification settings will remain unchanged.

That's awesome! How do I set things up?

Following Android best practices, notification settings for the xMatters app are now accessible from your device's system settings (instead of from within the app itself).

As shown below, we've applied default settings that ensure you're notified with a sound every time you receive an xMatters alert, and that for high priority events you'll also see a notification pop-up on your screen. To adjust these settings, tap the name of a channel to access the notification preferences for alerts in that category:


For each notification category, you can specify:

  • On/Off - If notifications are enabled for that category
  • Importance (AKA 'Behavior' on Android 9) - The notification's level of interruption (visually and audibly)
    • Urgent: Makes a sound and displays a heads-up notification
    • High: Makes a sound
    • Medium: No sound
    • Low: No sound and does not appear in the status bar
  • Sound* - The type of sound that's played for the alert (see below for more info on custom sounds)
  • Vibrate* - If your device vibrates when a notification of this type is received
  • Show notification dot - If notifications from this category contribute to the app's notification dot count
  • Override Do Not Disturb - Whether these notifications can override your device's Do Not Disturb settings

*Sound and vibrate controls are only available if the importance/behavior level you selected supports them.

Can I still use custom sounds?

Yes! But you'll need to enable them first - even if you were using them in a previous version of the app.

Because app notification preferences are now controlled in your device's system settings, your list of sound options includes the sound files stored on your device. This means that to use, or continue using, one of xMatters' high impact custom sounds (which are more easily heard in noisy environments), you'll need to install them on your device. If you don't install them, the app will use your device's default notification sound instead.

You can install custom sounds from within the xMatters mobile app - just go to Notification Settings and Enable Custom Sounds. Then, tap System Settings to access the notification configuration screens for the xMatters app and select the custom sound of your choice:


A warning about custom sounds:
When you disable custom sounds in the xMatters app, all of the xMatters custom sound files are removed from your device. This means if you're using one of these sounds for your xMatters alerts (or in another app), you'll need to select a new sound or the alerts will be silent. Don't worry - we'll remind you about this when you uninstall them.

Note: We've discovered an issue that prevents some devices running Android 9 from installing custom sounds. For more information, contact xMatters Customer Support.

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