Dynatrace + xMatters: Supercharged DevOps

With high-performing development teams pushing releases more frequently, a preventative one-two punch to ensure perfectly operating applications is more imperative than ever. Enter xMatters and Dynatrace!

What makes it “supercharged”?  Well, Dynatrace’s full-stack performance monitoring automatically discovers and monitors every layer of the application environment – every component, every dependency, across every tier.  And it automatically traces 100% of all transactions through the stack – front to back – 24 x 7 (with full insight into dynamic cloud instances and microservices).

This depth of detail, along with software intelligence, empowers Dynatrace to deliver high-speed root cause analysis, along with enriched contextual data – at the notification level / right in the alert –  enabling teams to understand what action to take immediately. Click any Dynatrace problem on the xMatters dashboard to see all the related problem details and available follow-up actions, such as acknowledging the incident or adding a comment to inform the team of any steps that have been taken to remedy the issue.The xMatters Dynatrace integration also synchronizes all comments and any logged fixes back to the Dynatrace problem for tracking within the Dynatrace user interface.

Want to read more about this powerhouse combination? Check it out: Supercharged - Dynatrace's AI-powered Full Stack Monitoring Drives 90% Alert Consolidation and 90% Reduction in Time-to-Respond with xMatters


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