View the timeline for an event

The Event Timeline is now available on our mobile platform. If you're familiar with our timeline feature, you'll know how handy it is during an active event to quickly gain insights into the way an incident is progressing and to see who is working to resolve the issue. You can also review the timeline after an event has completed to make improvements to your incident management processes.

View the Timeline

To view the timeline in the mobile app, navigate to the Recent Events screen and tap on an event. This takes you to the more detailed Event report, where you can tap the new Timeline option:


The Timeline displays the following information for an event, in chronological order:

  • Each user that was targeted, the device they were notified on, and the status of the notification (whether it was delivered or if it failed).
  • How users responded, and the device they responded from.
  • Any comments that were submitted by a user, either with their response or via the Tracking report (tap on a comment to view its full content).



  • iOS: Version 3.22, released May 2019
  • Android: Coming soon. Date to be determined.
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