Changes to SMS message length

We published an article a while back that outlined some upcoming changes to the number of SMS segments allowed per message, and included a bunch of recommendations and best practices for how to make the most out of text messaging and xMatters. 

The changes outlined in that article are scheduled to take effect on Wednesday, June 26, 2019. (At noon PDT, to be totally precise.)

If you're using SMS messaging as a primary or secondary means of communication, please take a moment to review the best practices and compare them to the way you have implemented SMS in xMatters. (And, because I'm contractually obligated to mention them every time I talk about SMS, take a moment to review our mobile apps, too. Available now for iOS and Android.)

If you have any questions, or need some help implementing any of the recommendations, feel free to reach out to Customer Support for assistance.

Happy texting!





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