Communication Center for everyone!

If you've read up on all the latest upgrades and flashy features coming out in our Hogan's Alley release, you're already aware that the Communication Center will be available in all xMatters instances very soon. 

Previously, Communication Center dashboards were only available with specific licensing packages and options. But we're developing some exciting new visualization tools and fancy widgets, and we want to make sure that everyone has the chance to see and use them. Like the new Events By Source widget, that shows an at-a-glance overview of the events that have come into your system over the past few days:


What this means is that all users across all product tiers (including Free!) will have the ability to customize their dashboard in xMatters. Users on advanced pricing plans (and those with the appropriate permissions) will be able to not only customize their own dashboard, but also create multiple dashboards and share them with other users within their organization.

The good news is that this change likely won't confuse or alarm anyone - sliding into the new process should be simple and intuitive. The web user interface is already getting a sweet new look in Hogan's Alley, and the default Communication Center dashboard has the same kind of quick links to other places in the application as the old Home page. 

We're planning to enable the Communication Center across all xMatters instances on Tuesday, March 3, and we've already enabled it for all non-production and Early Access Program instances. 

So check it out! We think you're going to love the new flexibility and customization options. And as always, if you run into any difficulties or don't see the Communication Center in your instance next Tuesday, reach out to Customer Support - they're always happy to help.

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