We're replacing the User Upload feature with ... the User Upload feature

Yup, we're replacing the old User Upload feature with a new and improved version. We were so focused on making it better, we didn't spare time to think up a new and improved name.

So, what's changing, if not the name?

We've streamlined the process, reducing clicks, and made it consistent with the rest of the interface.
At the same time, the new upload gives you more information about the state of the job, both while it's in progress and after it's done.
There's also a spiffy new welcome message that provides more info to your new users (and you can customize the main message to tailor to your organization).

The new upload supports all the features of the previous one plus you can now add custom attributes to your upload file.

What does this mean for me?

If you've been using the old user upload (the one you find under the Admin menu), we'll be reaching out to you to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible. Basically, going forward, you'll need to head to Reports > User Upload instead and ... nope, that's pretty much the only difference. Except for the fancy new reports and the sleek new welcome message. All the other improvements are under the hood.

If you're not using any user upload, maybe you want to check it out.

Learn more about the new user upload.

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