End-of-life notice: all TLS version 1.1 support

To continue delivering secure services to our customers, and in compliance with industry governance and standards, we are officially withdrawing all support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) version 1.1.

When is this happening?

The target date for disabling all TLS version 1.1 connections is January 11, 2021.

What does this mean?

Support for TLS 1.1 connections will be disabled in xMatters. Users will need to update their Integration Agent (minimum version 5.1.8 required, version 5.3.0 recommended), Integration Utilities (version 1.2.9), and the EPIC Client (version 5.5.273), which support the use of TLS v1.2 or higher. 

To help ensure secure connections for your data, we recommend that you upgrade to the latest versions as soon as possible.

Why is this happening?

Due to recognized security issues with the TLS v1.1 protocol, industry and security professionals have recommended discontinuing the use of TLS v1.1, and upgrading all communications to TLS v1.2 or greater. 

What other products are affected?

Integration Agent support

xMatters Integration Agent version 5.1.8 and higher support TLS v1.2. Although not required at this time, we still recommend that you upgrade to version 5.3.0 of the Integration Agent as soon as it is convenient. (See here for Integration Agent system requirements.)

xMatters Customer Support no longer supports versions of the Integration Agent prior to version 5.1.8.

xMatters Agent

Refer to the xMatters Agent documentation for the latest version availability and system requirements.


xMatters supported browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Firefox 27.0 (or newer)
  • Google Chrome 29.0 (or newer)

Other compatible browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge 12 (or newer)
  • Apple Safari 7 (or newer)

Mobile browsers:

  • iOS Safari 5 (or newer)
  • Chrome for Android 81

Other libraries

Any custom integrations or interfaces (such as those using the REST API) should be checked for Java 11 and TLS v1.2 compatibility. These connections will be refused if they do not meet the requirements listed here. As known conflicts are discovered or identified, they will be added to the following list:


If you are running Redhat or a related product, you must have Curl version 7.19.7 patch level 43 (curl-7.197-43.el6.x86_64) or higher to support TLS v1.2.


Some SOAP clients (such as SOAPUI) may require updating to ensure they are using Java 11, and are TLS 1.2 compatible. Refer to the documentation or support for your utility.

How do I upgrade?

The current version of the Integration Agent (5.3.0) is available for download on multiple platforms and provides backward compatibility with integrations created for previous versions of the agent. We recommend that you upgrade to this latest version as soon as possible.

The current version of the EPIC Client is available for download from the xMatters Support site. We recommend working with xMatters Client Assistance to upgrade to this version as soon as possible.

How do I find more information?

For more information about why this change is required, technical assistance, or if you are having issues making any necessary upgrades, contact xMatters Client Assistance via the xMatters Support site.

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