Changes to SMS numbers

The only thing worse than not getting a critical SMS notification is realizing that you did get it, but ignored it because you didn’t recognize the number. You can help make sure you don’t miss anything by knowing which numbers xMatters uses to send SMS messages in your country. This is particularly helpful if we need to change those numbers for any reason, such as improving our service and delivery options by moving to a different SMS provider.

Like, perhaps in May 2021.

New SMS numbers

That's right, we're changing some of our SMS providers to help improve not only our service range, but also make delivery more reliable in some areas. 

This means that the SMS number or numbers that you normally receive xMatters messages from might change.

Stay Informed

We won't start making any changes until May, but you can be sure to stay on top of any and all changes, by following the SMS Numbers Used By xMatters article. (Navigate to that page, and then click the Follow button below the title to receive an email whenever we change or add to the list.) 

For lots more tips about SMS and why you shouldn’t use it, see our best practices guide.

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