xMatters for iOS devices: Support for iOS 15

Great news for Apple device owners: the xMatters mobile app version 4.13 officially supports iOS version 15!

What does this mean?

Apple released iOS 15 in September 2021, and updating the xMatters app lets users take advantage of the new APIs and other OS-level features that make up iOS 15. 

Also, iOS 15 introduces the concept of Focus Mode, which will bring a new level of control to do-not-disturb modes, and help remove potentially distracting apps from view. xMatters will look to fully integrate to Focus Mode soon to ensure time-sensitive notifications are still delivered, but in the meantime, remember to add xMatters to your work and on-call focus modes to ensure your notifications are always displayed. 

When is this available?

The xMatters for iOS app version 4.13 introduces support for iOS 15. 

What about older iOS versions?

As usual when updating to a major OS version, and in line with Apple's support policies for iOS, we'll be dropping support for iOS 13. Mobile devices with iOS 13 will no longer see updates for the xMatters app in the iOS store. 

The good news is that all Apple devices that support iOS 13 can be updated to iOS 15! While the xMatters app v4.12 will continue to work on devices with iOS 13, we highly recommend that users update their devices to ensure they have the latest security updates from Apple and continued support for the xMatters app.

To stay informed about this and similar updates, follow our supported OS versions article here.

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