Space Invaders Development Highlights & Support Notes

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We're hard at work on our next quarterly release, Space Invaders, which will be rolling out in the June/July 2023 timeframe. Please follow this article and its comments to receive updates throughout the quarter about new features and functionality that we're working on for the Space Invaders release.

Customers interested in previewing new features before they're released can opt into our Early Access Program (EAP), which delivers new features into non-production environments as they're rolled off the assembly line.

We'll also use this document to capture highlights of additions and updates to our mobile platforms and the xMatters REST API.

Deployment Details

For more information on how features in this article work, click the online help links embedded in each topic. As with any of our Community articles, you can click any image or animated GIF to see a larger version.

Support Notes

For a list of additional changes made in each deployment that are not covered in the Development Highlights, see the support notes included below each highlight. While most features will be added to production environments as part of our quarterly releases, the support notes typically describe fixes, which can sometimes affect product behavior.

May 29-June 2, 2023

Space Invaders Quarterly Release

Get your laser cannons ready, because the Space Invaders release is almost here! After customer consultation, we're extending the length of time features are in non-production environments from two weeks to four weeks—this allows a full month for testing and user training on new features.

These are the dates you'll want to mark on your calendar:

  • Non-production environment access: Tuesday, June 27, 2023
  • Production environment access: Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Keep an eye out for the complete Space Invaders feature release overview, coming on Tuesday, June 27.

Support notes (week of May 29-June 2)

xMatters Internal Reference No. Summary
Admin - Regional Settings: Fixed an issue where users attempting to delete a time zone saw an inaccurate error message.
COR-73840 Messaging - Site Recipients: Corrected an issue that caused site recipients to be counted twice on the map after editing the underlying form layout. 
Messaging - xMatters Mobile App (iOS/Android): Fixed an issue that prevented users from sending a valid form through the xMatters Mobile App on either iOS or Android.
Subscriptions: Corrected an issue that prevented users from seeing the subscriptions they own.
Groups - Copy Group: Fixed an issue that prevented users from successfully copying a valid group.

May 22-26, 2023

Convert a group

The functionality to convert group types we added in our Robotron Release is now available for On-Call and Broadcast groups!

Convert Broadcast to On-Call

If you have a Broadcast group and decide you'd like to add shifts, escalations, and rotations, converting it to an On-Call group lets you add these features while keeping your roster, services, and other group settings intact.

Convert On-Call to Broadcast

On-call groups are designed to notify primary on-call resources first before escalating to other group members. So, if you have a large on-call group with escalations and you want to quickly notify everyone in the group about an issue, it's more efficient to convert it to a Broadcast group. (You can always copy the group first if you'd like to have both an On-Call and Broadcast version of the group for different purposes).


A few important things to note about converting groups:

  • To convert an On-Call group to a Broadcast group, the group must contain no shifts (or just the default 24x7 shift), and no escalations or rotations. Once converted, scheduling options are no longer available, and all members of the Broadcast group are notified at the same time.
  • Converting a Broadcast group to an On-Call group adds all members to a default 24x7 shift. You can then create a shift schedule with escalations to notify primary on-call responders first, and then rotate responsibility.
  • Converting a Broadcast group to an On-Call group is available for groups with up to 200 members.

Support notes (week of May 22-26)

xMatters Internal Reference No. Summary
COR-73738 Groups - Scheduling: The confirmation message for setting delays between users now automatically closes.
COR-73855 Groups - Admins: Fixed screen flickering when adding or selecting/deselecting all Group Admins.
COR-73854 Groups - Calendar: Day view now automatically refreshes after making edits on the Shifts tab.
COR-73665 Groups - Copying: Errors now display more accurate information when attempting to copy groups without appropriate permissions.
COR-73705 Incidents - Incident Console: Inactive users and groups now appear struck-through in the Resolvers list.
COR-73015 Incidents List (cosmetic fix): The entire border of the check box to select all incidents is now displayed.
COR-73014 Incidents - Linked Incidents: Fixed an issue preventing incidents from displaying when linked in the Post Incident Report.
COR-71394 Flow Designer (cosmetic fix): The names of Create Alert Using a Form steps are now properly truncated.


Flow Designer (cosmetic fix): Appropriate information is properly displayed and aligned on Initiate Incident and Automation trigger configuration screen.
COR-71195 Flow Designer - Create Alert Using a Form: Only the relevant form sections now appear in the layout after connecting to an HTTP trigger.
Roles - Read-Only Users: Ensured appropriate access for Read-Only Users to various screens in the web user interface.

May 15-19, 2023

Copy a group

Want to save time and reduce errors when setting or replicating a complex scheduling pattern for a new group? Perhaps you want to use an existing group as a template for new groups you create? The 'Copy Group' functionality from our Robotron Release is now available for On-Call and Broadcast groups:


A couple of important things to note:

  • Copying a group is available for Broadcast groups with up to 1000 members and for On-Call groups with up to 200 members.
  • Copied groups are not added as recipients to the same forms and lists as the original group. You must add the group as a recipient to any messages or forms that you want to target it.

Notifications report: Source and Device Type charts

Availability: Early Access Program

We've added two new charts to the Notifications report for Notifications by Source and Notifications by Device:


You can use these charts to better understand the notification and volume trends by device type and source and to spot where failures are occurring, which devices users do and don't respond to, and other opportunities for operational improvements.

See the SMS messages included in your alerts

Availability: Early Access Program

The Message tab of the Alerts report now includes the Text (SMS) template used for your alert. This is useful for troubleshooting issues with your messaging and for keeping a more complete record of the communications sent out for your alerts.


Who's getting alerted 'After Hours'?

Availability: Early Access Program

Help prevent burnout by tracking who's getting slammed by alerts 'After Hours'. We've added a new After-Hours Alerts metric to the User Performance report to shows you the number of times users are alerted between 7pm to 7am and anytime on Saturday and Sunday:


Support notes (week of May 15-19)

xMatters Internal Reference No. Summary
COR-67202 Alerts report - User Delivery tab: Updated the icons for Android and iOS devices in the Notified Recipients drop-down menu.
Alerts report: Ensured the Alerts report table properly displays all columns.
Alerts report - Filters: Corrected an issue that prevented users from selecting multiple recipients in the Targeted Recipients filter menu. 
Dashboard - Alerts View widget: Fixed an issue so that the Alerts View dashboard widget displays proper results when filters are applied.
Dashboard - Alert View: Fixed an issue that prevented the dashboard from showing valid results when custom date ranges are applied.
COR-73657 Incidents - Incident Console: Ensured inactive users were properly displayed in the Add Resolvers window. 
COR-70081 Incidents - Automations: Fixed an issue that caused enabled Flow Trigger forms to display as disabled in the Incident Console, preventing users from triggering automations.
Incidents - Incident Timeline: Corrected an issue to ensure the Incident Timeline accurately logs user data.
COR-71338 Incidents List: Fixed an issue where attempting to view incidents initiated by deleted users would return an error.
Flow Designer - Create Alert step - Handling & Overrides: Corrected an issue that prevented expiration values from being properly saved.
Flow Designer - Combo box: Fixed an issue that prevented users from searching combo box values.
Workflows - Trigger Alerts by Webhook: Corrected an issue that prevented the Settings tab of the properly installed workflow from showing authentication and initiation data.

May 8-12, 2023

Get resolver delivery failure warnings in the Incident Console

When an incident commander notifies a resolver to engage in an incident, it's really important to know if the notification wasn't delivered—and why. Delivery failures can be caused by missing or misconfigured devices, empty or inactive groups or shifts, or services without an owner.


Now, when a resolver experiences a delivery failure and there's no one else in the escalation path to receive the message, the console displays a 'Failed' badge to indicate that the commander should find another way to notify the resolver, or engage a different resolver instead.


The incident timeline includes an entry for the delivery failure, with a direct link to the alert log where you can find out the exact reason and details for the failure:

Conference support for creating alerts

The 'Conference Bridge' tab we added to the Create Alert and Create Alert Using a Form step as part of the Robotron release are now available in production! This enhancement enables you to automatically create and configure xMatters Hosted and External conference bridges as part of your flows. Or, if you'd like, you can define the bridge dynamically as part of your flow using an output or a constant value.


Support notes (week of May 8-12)

xMatters Internal Reference No. Summary
COR-70362 Group Performance Report: Ensured the URL for the Group Performance Report is accurate when the page loads. 
COR-73025 Alerts Report (performance improvement): Improved the performance of the Alerts report so it loads results more promptly.
COR-46246 Users - Devices: Corrected an issue that prevented users from seeing complete lists of device names in the drop-down menu.

May 1-5, 2023

Zoom Server-to-Server endpoint & updated Create Meeting step

We've updated our Zoom Create Meeting step to use a new Zoom Server-to-Server endpoint type in Flow Designer. This endpoint replaces the JWT authentication method previously used by Zoom, which will be deprecated on June 1, 2023. If you're using the Create Meeting step, you'll need to create a Zoom Server-to-Server OAuth app and update your step to the latest version to use a new Zoom Server-to-Server endpoint created using your app's credentials.

Support notes (week of May 1-5)

xMatters Internal Reference No. Summary
COR-65864 Users - Schedule tab: Fixed an issue that prevented the Schedule tab from retaining on-call information if users navigated away from then returned to the page.
Groups - adding members: Fixed an issue where it was possible to add members to a recently deleted group, resulting a race condition.
COR-71322 Incidents - automations: Fixed an issue that caused automations run on an xMatters Agent to appear as "Failed" in the incident timeline when they'd actually run successfully.
xMatters REST API - POST /shifts: Corrected an issue that prevented proper shift rotations when new members were added to a shift. 

April 24-28, 2023

Redesigned Dynamic Teams

In our Robotron Release Overview, we introduced you to all the new features we've been working on for Dynamic teams and this week they're available in all instances!

You can now take advantage of the new 'Add Dynamic Team' model and redesigned interface (which shares the share the same look and feel as on-call and broadcast groups). The 'Overview' and 'People' tabs allow you to quickly see your team's critical information at a glance, manage the admins and observer roles for the team, and define the search criteria.


Notifications report updates

We're excited to bring you some extra additions to our recently redesigned Notifications report that will make reviewing your system notifications more efficient.

We've added a new 'Source' and 'Form' filter so you can quickly find and view notifications based on the signal or form that generated them.


The Notification Delivery chart allows you to easily visualize data about the number of notifications in each delivery state. However, if you don't need to see this graph, we've now included a 'Show Notifications charts' checkbox that allows you to temporarily hide this information so you can make better use of your screen real estate.


Finally, we've added a new 'Created' column to the report so you can easily see the date and time each notification was created in xMatters.


Incident MTTA & MTTR Group Performance widget options

The Group Performance widget helps group admins quickly view important information about how their groups are responding to alerts and incidents. Now, with our new graph type you can quickly review incident Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR) and Mean Time to Acknowledge (MTTA) data straight from your dashboard.


Exporting alerts properties

If you export the Alerts report to perform additional analysis or share with teams outside of xMatters, you'll now notice that the exported report now includes all of the properties of the alert in the alert details tab.

Support notes (week of April 24-28)

xMatters Internal Reference No. Summary
Alerts report: Fixed an issue that prevented the Alerts report from promptly loading data for some users.
COR-71205 Flow Designer - step permissions: Corrected an issue that prevented users from seeing custom steps and HTTP triggers when the steps were shared with them.
Flow Designer - Create Alert step: Fixed an issue in the Create Alert step that prevented Android users from seeing the "Respond with comment" option in their notification responses.
Alerts report: Corrected an issue that prevented users with valid permissions from seeing their alerts in the Alerts report.
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    Emily Sait

    Highlights and support notes added for week of April 24-28, 2023.

    Updates include:

    • Redesigned Dynamic Teams
    • Notifications report updates
    • Incident MTTA & MTTR Group Performance widget options
    • Exporting alerts properties
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    Highlights and support notes added for week of May 1-5, 2023.

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    Highlights and support notes added for week of May 8-12, 2023.

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    • Get resolver delivery failure warnings in the Incident Console
    • Conference support for creating alerts
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    Highlights and support notes added for week of May 15-19, 2023.

    Updates include:

    • Copy a group
    • Notifications report: Source and Device Type charts
    • See the SMS messages included in your alerts
    • Who's getting alerted 'After Hours'?
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    Highlights and support notes added for week of May 22-26, 2023.

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    • Convert a group
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    Highlights and support notes added for week of May 29-June 2, 2023.

    Updates include:

    • Space Invaders Quarterly Release dates
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