QRTZ_LOCKS table repeatedly updated

This article provides background information about the the QRTZ_LOCKS table in the xMatters database, and discusses why this table is updated frequently.

Issue Details

xMatters has several background jobs that need to be executed periodically (e.g., Health Monitor job, Database Maintenance job, Team Rotation job). Every node can execute these jobs, and they periodically poll for a job to execute. To prevent multiple nodes from running the same job, a locking mechanism is required, and this function is served by the QRTZ_LOCKS table.

When a node attempts to run a job, it first issues an update to the QRTZ_LOCKS table that causes a specific row of the table to be locked, after which it runs the job. Once the job finishes, it issues a commit of the update, causing the release of the lock.

Since these jobs are executed very frequently (e.g., the Health Monitor job is executed every minute), there are many updates to the QRTZ_LOCKS table. This represents expected behavior and does not affect the performance of xMatters.

xMatters Reference

JDN-1296 Originally created by Don Clark

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