Can I change the type of database I'm using with xMatters?

When I installed xMatters, I configured it to use Microsoft SQL. I want to switch to an Oracle-based system; how do I reconfigure xMatters to connect to a different type of database?

The database configuration is performed during installation. It is not possible to switch from a Microsoft SQL database to an Oracle database (or vice versa) once xMatters is installed. To change the type of database used in your deployment, you must reinstall xMatters.

Some xMatters data can be moved from one database to another using the Data Synchronization tool: you can export data from the current database and then use that export as a source for an import into the new database. This transfers Sites, Custom Attributes and Fields, Users, Devices, Groups, Event Domain Predicates, as well as most scheduling from one deployment to the other. Note that you will still have to transfer the Protocol Providers, User Service Providers, Device Types, etc. (i.e., essentially anything done as the Super Administrator).

For more information about Data Synchronization, see the xMatters installation and administration guide.

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