Using the xMatters scripting tool to run common tasks

This article explains how to use the xMatters Scripting Tool to run some of the common maintenance and data gathering tasks on an xMatters (alarmpoint) engine server.

Scripting Tool Summary

Maintaining and supporting xMatters, such as by troubleshooting a failure, or investigating a defect, often requires common tasks that collect and capture data from xMatters. For example, collecting logs, clearing the working cache, or stopping and starting the webserver. The xMatters Scripting Tool provides an easy method of performing some of these repetitive tasks.

The Scripting Tool is available in xMatters (alarmpoint) engine version 4.0 (patch 009 and later) and version 4.1 (patch 001 and later).


To run the scripting tool, open a command line prompt and navigate to the \tools\supportdirectory.

Use the following syntax to execute the command:

ast [options] [command]


The following options are available with the Scripting Tool:

  • -p: print all the commands that can be run.


The following commands are available with the Scripting Tool:

  • clear:artifacts: Clears all artifacts in the working directory
  • clear:webserver:cache: Clears the cache for the web server
  • start:node: Starts the AlarmPoint Node service/daemon
  • start:webserver: Starts the AlarmPoint Webserver service/daemon
  • stop:node: Stops the AlarmPoint Node service/daemon
  • stop:webserver: Starts the AlarmPoint Webserver service/daemon
  • zip:build-info: Captures all build information
  • zip:mobilegateway:logs: Captures the Mobile Gateway logs
  • zip:node:build-info: Captures the AlarmPoint Node build information
  • zip:node:logs: Captures the AlarmPoint Node logs
  • zip:server:logs: Captures the system web server logs
  • zip:ui:logs: Captures the logs for the AlarmPoint Web User Interface
  • zip:webserver:build-info: Captures the AlarmPoint Webserver build information
  • zip:webserver:logs: Captures the AlarmPoint Webserver logs
  • zip:webservice:logs: Captures the AlarmPoint web services logs

xMatters Reference

DTN-2308, JDN-1319

Originally created by Don Clark

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