How should I configure the polling settings for my GSM Device Engine?

The GSM Device Engine details page has a "Notification Polling" setting for the Device Engine itself, and a "Polling Interval" setting for each serial device. How should I configure these settings to avoid resource conflicts?

The Notification Polling setting specifies how often the Device Engine should check for new notifications. The Polling Interval setting specifies how often the Device Engine should check for responses. If the Device Engine attempts to do both at the same time, it causes a resourcing conflict, and the GSM modem cannot send any messages.

You can avoid this conflict by configuring the polling intervals so they do not overlap; the following screenshot identifies these settings in the web user interface:

For example, the default setting for Notification Polling is 10 seconds. If you want to keep this default setting, the recommended Polling Interval setting for the first serial device is 13 seconds.

For best results, change both settings to prime numbers, such as 7 and 11. This will reduce the number of times the conflict may occur, and reduce the amount of time between the conflict occurring and the next time the Device Engine polls.

The calculation to determine suitable settings could be expressed as:

Notification Polling % Polling Interval > 3


Polling Interval % Notification Polling > 3

xMatters Reference

JDN-1136 Originally created by Don Clark

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