Integration Agent for xMatters 5.x & xMatters On-Demand

Extend the power of your communication plans by combining them with other applications in your enterprise. The xMatters Integration Agent provides a proven, robust method for tightly interacting with xMatters components. You'll discover why it's the foundation for our award winning integrations

The xMatters Integration Agents for version 5.x (premises) and the On-Demand service have been consolidated into a single integration agent. The 5.1 integration also works against 5.0 installations and contains the latest fixes. It is recommended that you deploy the latest Integration Agent for all 5.0, 5.x and On-Demand environments.

Note: The Integration Agent does not require a license key. To register the Integration Agent, follow the instructions in the xMatters Integration Agent Guide to unpack the archive file and copy the integration agent to the management system. You can then run the command to start the Integration Agent and configure the communication with your xMatters deployment.

Release notes for the Integration Agent

Integration Agent Downloads

Use this version of the Integration Agent if you are creating integrations using the communication plan design tools.

Integration Agent Documentation xMatters 5.x Documentation
Integration Agent Utilities 1.2.9

Download (115 KB)

Integration Agent - Windows

Download (121 MB)

Integration Agent - Linux (32bit)

Download (133 MB)

Integration Agent - Linux (64bit)

Download (131 MB)

Integration Agent - HP/UX Itanium

Download (167 MB)

Integration Agent - Solaris

Download (113 MB)

Integration Agent - AIX

(Re-released August 25, 2017)

Download (165 MB)

NOTE: If you are using an older, on-premise version of xMatters, please contact your Client Success Manager to obtain the correct version of the Integration Agent.

Older Integration Agent Downloads

Use this version of the Integration Agent for HP/UX PARISC

Integration Agent 5.1.1 - HP/UX PARISC 

Download (106 MB)


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  • 0
    Doug Faber

    Just wondering when we will have support for integration agent with Service Desk 14.1? Anyone else upgrading Service Desk to 14.1 and waiting for this?

  • 0
    Don Clark

    Updated the Integration Agent Utils package to 1.2.9 (includes additional bug fixes)

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