xMatters Product Suite 4.1

xMatters is a flexible, interactive Alert Management solution, providing sophisticated two-way notification features, user scheduling and event assignment. The products available on this page are not our latest cutting edge products, so if you are creating a new installation please download from here: xMatters 5.0 Product Suite

Dynamic IT organizations utilize xMatters to provide automated delivery of Actionable Information and event resolution capabilities for mobile IT professionals. xMatters provides out-of-the-box integrations to popular applications from BMC, CA, HP, IBM and others, providing real-time remote action enablement. Download integrations here: Integrations Downloads

World class business continuity professionals leverage powerful features to notify people based on their skills, location, certifications and experience levels or identifying resources with a known ability to resolve an issue or cure a problem. 

Operating systems supported:

Windows 2003 Server SP2

Windows 2003 Server SP2 - 64bit

Windows 2008 Server R2 - 64bit (see special notes below)

Linux - Red Hat Enterprise 5.2

Linux - Red Hat Enterprise 5.2 - 64bit

Linux - SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.0 SP2

Linux - SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.0 SP2 - 64bit

Solaris Sparc 10


HPUX Itanium 11.23, 11.31

AIX POWER Processor 5.3, 6.1 (traditional and IBM LPAR environments)

Note:xMatters currently supports the Dialogic 6.0 driver release running on Windows 2003 (32-bit only). 


Please read the following article before upgrading or installing 4.1

xMatters 4.1: Important Upgrading and Installing Notes


The downloads for the 4.1 installer do not contain the latest patch level (the 5.x product always ships with the latest patch rolled into the installer). A complete installation of xMatters 4.1 involves installing from the appropriate download below and then installing the latest patch available at: xMatters 4.1.0 Patches

Windows 2008 Notes

New Customers - if you plan on using Dialogic voice cards, please make sure you acquire the updated Dialogic/Syntellect license dongles.

Existing Customers - if using Dialogic voice cards, your existing Dialogic/Syntellect license dongles WILL NOT WORKunder Win2008. Please contact the support group through the support page. In the problem description summary field, please explain that you are interested in moving from Windows 2003 to WIndows 2008 and need to speak with an associate about the Dialogic/Syntellect license dongles that you are currently using.

If you plan to use Virtual Devices on your test/development systems, please see the following Knowledgebase Article:

Virtual Devices do not work with Node Service on Windows Server 2008

This installer is NOT meant for upgrading an existing Windows 2003 xMatters installation. Instead, you will need at least n+1 machines so you can install a new node on a new Win2008 machine while decommissioning an older Win2003 machine. Support can assist in providing temporary additional license files if needed for the migration. 

Download Resources:

xMatters 4.1.0 Installation and Administration Guide Download (5.7 MB)
xMatters 4.1.0 User Guide Download (2.7 MB)
xMatters 4.1.0 Release Notes xMatters (alarmpoint) 4.1.0 release notes
Matters Product Package - AIX

Download (819 MB)

Checksum: a85d917d27c1e8d077ccbec8618d5341

xMatters Product Package - HP/UX Itanium

Download (1210 MB)

Checksum: f2940c98b515fa8313493f5731922a35

xMatters Product Package - HP/UX PARISC 2.0

Download (802 MB)

Checksum: 37c9953ff60ec299c86466127954cb8c

xMatters Product Package - Linux AMD64

(Does not support AT&T Text-To-Speech)

Download (708 MB)

Checksum: ebd151e6d8d717de7ee84db9d6c56909

xMatters Product Package - Linux x86

(Supports AT&T Text-To-Speech)

Download (749 MB)

Checksum: 4ac34a5c36df5b5a258bf7d1d59dbe5e

xMatters Product Package - Solaris

Download (712 MB)

Checksum: 0ed035ec50ffca8fda0e5905a8202df0

xMatters Product Package - Windows 2003

Download (763 MB)

Checksum: ab29bf62a594598108222cc37e82336b

xMatters Product Package - Windows 2008

(See IMPORTANT notes above)

Download (825 MB)

Checksum: 397624dc4fb3b12569376999ab6e92e5

xMatters Reference

JDN-1266 Originally created by Doru Davidson

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