BMC Impact Manager 4.x - 7.x Integration 2.1.1


This integration is no longer supported because the management product is no longer supported by the vendor, and/or the version of xMatters (fka AlarmPoint) used for the integration is no longer supported. The integration is available here for use and modification by the customer.


Event Management and Service Impact Management has typically been handled by Operation staff monitoring the Impact Explorer console or receiving basic email notifications. With the AlarmPoint integration, the appropriate technician can be notified directly via voice, email, pager or other device.

Information about the failure will be presented to the event resolver and decisions can be made in real-time such as  acknowledging, assigning, closing the event, running remote diagnostics  and retrieving event details. If an email device is being used, the user  can also add additional notes to the event by typing freeform text in  the email response. Once an action is selected on their remote device,  AlarmPoint will interact with Impact Manager to execute that action for  them in real-time.

The benefit is that this process is immediate – significantly faster than the time required for Operations staff to notice the failures or  malfunctions, determine who is on call, and manually notify the right  person. In addition, the ability to take simple actions on the event  from any device gives the event resolver a quick way to deal with many  issues and communicate to other team members the current status of the  event. During the process, every notification, response, and action is logged in AlarmPoint. In addition, by using the integration to BMC IM,  AlarmPoint can automatically update an incident ticket throughout the  process. The AlarmPoint product features a self-service web user  interface to allow accurate assignment of responsible personnel for each  job.

AlarmPoint Adapter for BMC Impact Manager (AlarmPoint for BMC IM)  integrates BMC Impact Manager (BMC IM) and AlarmPoint and enables  bi-directional flow of information between them.

You can use AlarmPoint for BMC IM to synchronize events and  notification status between BMC IM and AlarmPoint. BMC IM provides the  core functionality for event management and service impact management.  AlarmPoint routes notifications to the appropriate users on any device.

AlarmPoint for BMC IM provides the ability to notify AlarmPoint users  on any device if an event in BMC IM meets the notification criteria.  AlarmPoint for BMC IM also enables AlarmPoint users to interact remotely  with BMC IM through twoway devices to update an event status or fix problems.

On a single machine, AlarmPoint for BMC IM assumes that there is only  one cell to be integrated with AlarmPoint. Even if there is more than  one cell running on a machine, only one cell is used for integration  with AlarmPoint. If more than one cell has to be integrated with  AlarmPoint, then the other cells must propagate events through the  integrated cell.

The following list identifies the key features of AlarmPoint for BMC IM:

  • Sending automatic notifications to AlarmPoint Users or Groups based on the notification criteria.
  • Defining notification criteria independent of the notification  method, which includes wired phones, mobile phones, SMS devices, email,  pagers, and BlackBerry® devices.
  • Providing standard actions such as Acknowledge, Assign, Close,  Ignore and Annotate on two-way devices. The two way devices comprise  phone, two-way pager, and email.
  • Notifying AlarmPoint to stop the notification process when certain user-defined events occur in BMC IM.
  • Buffering event messages sent to AlarmPoint Java Client and BMC IM  to prevent data loss in case of a temporary loss of connectivity.
  • Custom actions in Impact Explorer for manual notifications or stopping existing notifications.
  • Custom Collectors for displaying events that generated AlarmPoint notifications.


The following components must be installed prior to installing the integration:

  • BMC Impact Manager version 4.x, 5.x, or 7.x
  • BMC Impact Web Services Server 2.2 or later
  • xMatters Java Client version 4.0 or later
  • xMatters version 4.0 or later, with a valid Extended Web Services license
  • Perl version 5.8.0 or later

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BMC Impact Manager Integration Package (Includes Documentation Manual) - zip

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BMC Impact Manager Integration Package (Includes Documentation Manual) - tar.gz

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Impact Manager 4.x, 5.x, 7.x Unix, Windows 2.1.1 2008-01-04 4.0 Community


Download BMC Impact Manager Integration 2.1.1 Documentation Manual below,

xMatters Reference

JDN-1417 Originally created by Desi DosSantos

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