How do I disable the SIP early ringing tone?

In my deployment, the ringing tone is interfering with the SIP Engine's ability to detect whether the phone is answered by a person or an answering machine; is there a way to address this in xMatters?

In SIP deployments, "early media" refers to audio content exchanged before a particular session is accepted by the called user. xMatters exchanges session description information, but this exchange can cause issues with the human/machine detection algorithm on some deployments, depending on the early media settings in the SIP gateway.

In AlarmPoint 4.0 patch 009 and AlarmPoint 4.1 patch 001, a feature was added that allows you to delay the SDP (Session Description Protocol) information, and reduce the risk that the early media exchange will affect the machine detection process.

To disable the early ring tone:

  1. Stop the xMatters Node.
  2. Open the \node\assets<xMHOME>\resources\spring\integration\deSipContext.xml file.
  3. Locate the following section:
<property name="delaySDP">  
  1. Change the value parameter to true.
  2. Save and close the deSipContext.xml file.
  3. Restart the xMatters Node.

xMatters Reference

DTN-2236, APE-17611, JDN-1104

Originally created by Don Clark

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