How can I extend the amount of time xMatters waits before timing out a phone call?

Whenever xMatters makes an international call, the amount of time it takes for the connection to complete leaves no time for the recipient to answer before xMatters hangs up and tries the next recipient. Is there a setting to extend the timeout value?

There is an optional setting on the @phone::makecall and @phone::makePhoneCall methods that specifies the number of seconds to wait before the phone call times out. The default, if the setting is not specified, is 30 seconds.

For example, the default CONTACT > callout scripts contain the following code:

$phone_number = @phone::formatDialstring()  
$result = @phone::makecall($phone_number)  

To extend the timeout to 60 seconds, modify the second line to the following:

$result = @phone::makecall($phone_number, 60)

For more information, see the xMatters Online Developer's Guide.

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JDN-1080 Originally created by Don Clark

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