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Well, you can certainly surround yourself with six devices and make them all chirp, ring, or - my personal iPhone favorite - flong at the same time using xMatters. However, 5.1 in this case refers to our latest release for software customers. We've been on a roll with new features for 5.0, and with 5.1 we will continue by baking in some new platform support. 

5.1 is currently scheduled for release at the end of November 2013 and will include updated platform support for:

  • SQLServer 2012
  • RedHat 6
  • Cisco Universal Call Manager 9 

In addition to this new platform support, 5.1 has all the amazing features we've packed into 5.0, including those I've highlighted below (click the release link to see all of the features for each patch): 

5.0.10 (5.0 Patch 10) New Feature Overview

  • Sticky Settings
  • Attachments Report
  • Groups Management
  • Revised SUCP Country Code Settings
  • Escalation Type in Web Services 

5.0.9 (5.0 Patch 9) New Feature Overview

  • Users Management
  • Notifications Web Service
  • Dynamic Team Previews
  • Users and Groups Performance Reports 

5.0.8 (5.0 Patch 8) New Feature Overview

  • Events Report
  • Group Deletion Warnings
  • Filter Notification based on Device Validation State 

5.0.7 (5.0 Patch 7) New Feature Overview

  • Find Users Web Service
  • Java 7 

5.0.5 (5.0 Patch 5) New Feature Overview

  • Report Card Report 

5.0.4 (5.0 Patch 4) New Feature Overview

  • Tracking Report
  • Properties Report
  • Log Report
  • Revised Fill Count Selection
  • Email Domain Whitelisting
  • Automated SMS Device Deactivation
  • International SMS Compliance 

5.0.1 (5.0 Patch 1) New Feature Overview

  • Revised Date and Time Formatting
  • Updated Script Association
  • Revised User, Team and Device Purge
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