Error message when adding an email Device

Issue Details

After upgrading to 4.1 patch 014 (or later), customers using IIS web fronting have encountered an error message when they try to add a new email Device in the web user interface.

Issue Symptoms

Adding a new email Device in the web user interface results in the following pop-up error message:

msg = [object Object], url = error, line = Not Found  


This issue is related to a new feature that was added in 4.1 patch 014: email domain whitelist. This feature allows administrators to specify which email domains are acceptable to use as addresses for email Devices.

With this feature enabled, whenever you navigate to the Email Device Details page, an Ajax request is sent to the IIS Server, which should forward the request to the xMatters web server. The request includes "/rest" with the URL, which must be added to the configuration file for forwarding.

IIS Fronting

To resolve this issue, you need to add "/rest/" to the configuration file for your IIS Server.

To edit the configuration:

  1. Navigate to your IIS redirector installation directory.
    • The default is C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Jakarta Isapi Redirector\

Open the conf\ file, and locate the following lines:


Add another line for /rest/*:

  1. Save and close the file, and restart your IIS Server.


For Apache deployments, add the following lines to the proxy module (replace "internal-host" with your actual host name, or with "localhost" if your webserver and fronting server are running on the same computer):

ProxyPass /rest/ http://internal-host:8888/rest/

ProxyPassReverse /rest/ http://internal-host:8888/rest/

Further information

For more information about fronting your webserver, refer to the "Advanced Tasks" chapter of the xMatters installation and administration guide.

xMatters Reference

SUP-6453, DTN-3068, JDN-3303

Originally created by Don Clark

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