CA Service Desk integration: errors with response handling

Issue Description

The xMatters for CA Service Desk integration (version 1.3) has a known issue where the response object in the xMatters scripts may be overwritten. This results in problems with response handling for notifications sent via the integration.


If your integration is having issues handling responses, you may need to modify the response object as follows:

In the response, notify, and deviceResponses scripts locate the following code block:

@response = new String($responseOption)   
$index = @response::indexOf("=")   
$responseKey = @response::substring(0, $index)   
$responseValue = @response::substring($index + 1)  

Modify the block as follows:

@responseString = new String($responseOption)   
$index = @responseString::indexOf("=")   
$responseKey = @responseString::substring(0, $index)   
$responseValue = @responseString::substring($index + 1)   

For an example of this change, refer to the attached "diff" file that compares the existing script with a modified version.

Further information

This issue will be addressed in a forthcoming release of the integration.

xMatters Reference

DTN-2881, SUP-5762, INTA-2060, JDN-3097

Originally created by Don Clark

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