xMatters 5.x and Avaya compliance

Known issue

xMatters 5.0 is not fully compliant with the Avaya 6.x Communications Manager and Session Manager services.

xMatters 5.0 can currently send standard voice notifications and receive inbound calls. xMatters 5.0 cannot perform any call transfer using the "Transfer with Consultation Hold" feature of Avaya (known as attended transfers within the xMatters system). See the following section for specific technical details.

Previous versions of xMatters, including 4.1, have been validated through the Avaya DevConnect Compliance Testing program to ensure interoperability of xMatters products with Avaya products and solutions.

The 5.1 patch 001 release of xMatters resolves this issue and is fully compliant with Avaya 6.x.

Technical details

The xMatters SIP Device Engine is not operable with specific Call Transfer capabilities over the SIP protocol. Specifically, the xMatters SIP Device Engine does not work with call transfers using consultation hold.

The Transfer with Consultation Hold call feature (as described in RFC-5589 http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5589):) involves a session between the transferrer and the transfer target before the transfer actually takes place. In xMatters, these are referred to as "attended transfers".

This functionalty applies to two specific scripting methods employed in the xMatters Action Scripts:



For information about these methods, refer to the xMatters Online Developers Guide (http://onlinedocs.xmatters.com/xmatters-dev-guide/5.1/ )


To resolve this issue, upgrade to xMatters version 5.1 patch 001 or later.

xMatters Reference

DTN-2856, JDN-3086

Originally created by Don Clark

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