Using web services with a subscription panel

This article provides a brief overview of the tasks required to use web services with a Subscription Panel, and includes a simple example in JSP form.


Consuming a web service within a Subscription Panel requires the following tasks.

  1. Creating a web service client to consume the web service.
  2. Specifying details of the web service to be consumed.
  3. Presenting the information retrieved within the Subscription Panel.

All of the above tasks can be embedded directly in the Subscription Panel.


Note: A sample JSP is attached to this article.

The sample JSP uses the Subscription Panel created for the "xMatters for BMC Remedy Service Desk" integration. The method it uses to query Remedy for the list of groups has been re-implemented using web services, with the required code inserted directly into the JSP.

To highlight the difference between the methods, the example still uses Java code to query for the Company list. If you want to use multiple web services, you can embed the web service code in several Java classes.

Further Information

For more information about web services and custom Subscription Panels, see the xMatters Online Developer's Guide.

xMatters Reference

JDN-1321 Originally created by Don Clark

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